LogoEvery wedding is just as special and unique as the next. If you are searching for a creative Photographer who photographs each wedding with a different approach, search no further!

Nek uses Photography as a global language and his style can be described where high fashion meets photojournalism. The power of his photographs is driven by deep pathos and high experience gained over years. He studied Photography in the age of film cameras. He has been working professionally since 1995 shooting for the news as a photojournalist for over 10 years, he then moved to studio and commercial Photography and finally in the wedding industry. His images have been published in Photography journals, fashion and product catalogs, cook books, newspapers and magazines in Greece and the United Kingdom.

Whether is about an orthodox or a civil ceremony, it is his artistry to get the best from you no matter your culture. He loves being around people, taking photos that get right to the heart of who they are. He aim for you to see him as friend with a camera. With plenty of inspiration and fresh ideas he likes shooting things as they happen and also producing a beautiful set of fashion-style portraits, group shots, details, humour and once in a lifetime emotions. He is also looking for moments that are so often missed in wedding Photography, capturing images that make your family proud and your friends jealous.

02 Nek Vardikos Wedding Photography



Nek is an authentic Photographer, a workaholic, a dreamer, who arrest his dreaming in a time when pictures are scrolling fast on ipads and trends are seeking by the crowd.


03 Nek Vardikos Wedding Photography


Your special day ends quickly but Nek’s images are your memory!

04 Nek Vardikos Wedding Photography

Nek Vardikos Photographia has been built on the deep knowledge of Greek Wedding and the stellar customer service, providing services across the UK and overseas.

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