Do you ever get the feeling that you are forgetting something from your wedding to-do list? It’s easy to focus on the most obvious items like choosing your dress or booking your dream venue. And while these are items of top priority, it’s common to overlook some of the not-so-obvious items or things that need doing during the planning process. Here’s a rundown of 10 things that are easily forgotten but should definitely have a firm place on your wedding to-do list.

  • Wedding Insurance

What could go wrong? Unfortunately, you can’t leave anything to chance and it’s always best to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. Wedding insurance should be a high priority for any couple planning their wedding. Although you are unlikely to use it, it gives you that added piece of mind. You’ll be paying large deposits in advance, such as your venue and photographer so having wedding insurance in place will cover you and provide that added sense of ease. Start by asking your bank or try department stores, such as John Lewis for competitive insurance rates.  

  • Obtain your required paperwork early

If you are having a Greek wedding, you’ll need to obtainsome paperwork from the church where you and your partner were christened. This is known as your ‘harti eleftherias’. Ring the church before you go, as sometimes an appointment is needed. As well as your harti eleftherias, you’ll both need to go to your local council and give notice of your wedding day. You’ll need to book an appointment for this and take the required documentation. For both forms of paperwork, there’s a fee so ensure you factor this into your wedding budget.

  • Preserve your bouquet

Do you want to throw your original bouquet or have it as a keepsake to your special day? If you do decide to keep it, order a second ‘throw bouquet’ from your florist. After the wedding day, your original flower bouquet can then be preserved, dried and then framed or displayed for you to keep. It’s worth asking your florist if they provide this service or you can search online for tips to do this yourself.

  • Flat shoes

Let’s be honest, wedding shoes are not the most comfortable. It’s a long day and if you’ve opted for some glamorous high-heeled wedding shoes, you must be prepared for the dancing. Take a spare pair of elegant flat shoes or bridal flip-flops with you, so you can dance the night away with ‘happy feet’.

  • Stage Covers & Lighting

Most weddings have a theme, from vintage to all white, and I’m sure yours in no different. Something that often gets missed on the ever-growing to-do list is to check the stage dressing that the venue provides. Does it suit your theme? If not, you may need to consider dressing the stage. The same rule goes for lighting. Is the venue dark? Do you need extra lighting added? Does your band have coloured disco lights when your wedding theme is white? Check these elements with your chosen suppliers to ensure you’re all on the same page.

  • Confirm Times

As the saying goes – timing is everything! There are some parts of a wedding that tend to drag on for too long and this can dampen the wedding atmosphere. Speeches are a prime example of this. A good guide is to work backwards. So, if your venue is finishing at midnight, you ideally want to schedule the timings of your entrance, food, speeches, cake cutting and first dance in advance to allow your wedding the time needed to get into full swing. Your wedding planner, the venue or your photographer/videographer and band should all be in sync with the timings so everything runs smoothly.

  • Bank Appointment

Before you jet off on your honeymoon, you’ll want to know that your wedding gifts are safe and secure. Book an appointment with your bank just after your wedding date to deposit your gifts. You may also want to open a joint account beforehand, if needed, and you’ll also need to have proof that the gifts are from your wedding.

  • Sentimental Items

Do you have a lucky charm, a sentimental item from a parent or grandparent or something that is just close to your heart? Don’t forget to include these in your special day. This can be done in so many ways. For brides, this can include sewing a charm under the lining of your dress or wearing a sentimental piece of jewellery. To honour any loved ones who are no longer with you, having a photo on your head table, playing their favourite song or lighting a candle for them can be ideal ways to ensure everything personal to you, is with you on your wedding day.

  • Check Parking Restrictions

Before you book your venue, check if there are any parking facilities for your guests and the costs involved. Also check for any parking restrictions near your venue. If parking facilities are not free, it’s worth contacting the car park company and asking for a special rate for your wedding day. Inform your guests, as they may want to share the journey with family and friends and also consider hiring a coach or mini-bus, if this is a more cost-effective option.

  • Order Extras

This is for two reasons – it’s better to be safe than sorry and for you to keep any special items as a keepsake. Extra favours are always handy. For you, an invitation, favour and centrepiece are ideal keepsake options. On the day, you may also want to put aside a menu, any name cards or table plans, as these also make for perfect memory items you’ll want to cherish and keep.   With so many things on your wedding to-do list, make sure you include the smaller, not-so-obvious parts too. It’s often these things that can make all the difference!

Happy Wedding Planning!  


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